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GroupFit 90


GroupFit 90

GroupFit90, or GF90, is a fitness program that covers all elements of being physically fit in two or three 45 minute workouts per week. No more taking a yoga class for flexibility, pilates for core, kickboxing for cardio, body-sculpting class for toning, because GF90 covers it all in one program. Our goal with this new and exciting workout program is to give you something that challenges you to become the best you can be physically. Fitness is not about one type of class or just jogging a few times a week. It’s about knowing your body and giving it the capability to act and responds in any situation, and living life to your fullest physical level. The great thing about GF90 is that we’ve tailored it to three levels of fitness: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For the beginners: we know it’s tough starting a workout routine if you have never done it or have been away from it. If that’s the case, the most important thing to avoid is going to a gym and being discouraged after your very first session. I’ve seen it happen far too often, even in my own group fitness studio.

The beginner program is great for easing you into working out and at the same time teaching you all of the necessary skills to progress to higher levels.

Our intermediate program is for individuals that are accustomed to exercise and have fair- to- good mind body connection and motor skills. This level of training is more functional than the beginner program.

Our advanced program is for individuals with a high level of fitness. The workouts involve mid-to-high impact functional movements and intense cardio conditioning.Intermediate and advance classes may combine on occasion.

So what’s missing? Well, we can’t have a great result-producing workout program without a high-quality nutritional program. Proper nutrition is vital to your performance, recovery, muscle gain, and fat loss. The GF90 program provides a nutritional program with coaching and an option for Isagenix weight loss system.

If you follow our nutritional program along with getting your 3 workouts in a week, we guarantee results!

So what’s behind the 90 in GF90? It is a 90 day program and the amount of time necessary to see an overall change in an individual with commitment to a particular fitness program. Moreover, the 90 day indicator gives individuals a concrete time frame for fitness goal setting. Remember that fitness is not a destination, it’s a life journey. The sooner you begin your journey, the more satisfaction you are likely to find in life. We all want to feel good about ourselves: physically, mentally, and emotionally, but many fail to understand that is starts by taking care of the most prized possession, yourself. At the beginning of GF90 you will be led in setting goal/s for the first 90 days with proper assessments and guidance. Once you achieve the goal, set another one for the next 90 days and so on.

Let your journey to a fitter, thinner, sexier, and happier you begin. We are here for you.

 GroupFit 90 Members

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Gaylon S: 4 inch loss in waist, 7% loss of body fat - 8 weeks with GF90 and Body by Vi Nutrition.

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Star: Thank you GroupFit Tallahassee! I am now 128 lbs (from 145+) and a size 2 (from a 6). I am getting muscle tone and have SO much energy! I have never felt better. You have inspired a 53 year old Grandmother to want MORE!!! Bring it ON!! If you count the time I missed I guess it took me 4 months.

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